Aroma - massage. What is it?


Aroma - massage

Aroma - massage is a term I am going to use to express the concept of Aroma(therapy) combined with massage(therapy). The term Aromatherapy is an umbrella term for using essential oil with a room diffuser (most common use), use of essential oil in a “neat” application (applying an essential oil to the body one single oil at a time) such as applying Lavender oil to a kitchen burn on one’s hand or arm, and the application of essential oils in a therapeutic setting provided by a professional(one trained in therapeutic Aromatherapy).

In this case, we will be using the term “Aroma” to represent the use of essential oils. Combined with the term “massage” to represent the incorporation of therapeutic massage to the mix. Therefore you have a term representing the application of essential oils to the body by a professional during a therapeutic massage.