What is a “Blend” massage?

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Blend Massage

Blend massage gets its name from what use to be Bodywork Bistro’s standard massage. Bodywork Bistro was a massage establishment in downtown Boulder, CO off of Spruce street for many, many years. Locals loved it and therapist loved working there. Dave (owner) had an unbelievable vision and purpose. As a therapist working for Dave was like a day at the park with friends, easy going and smiles all around. Their standard integrated massage was as a; 60, 75, 90, and 120 minute massage that Bodywork Bistro offered in which the it was the THERAPIST choice as to what technique to use during your massage. This was considered an “integrative” massage because these techniques would be “blended” together, just like a perfect cup of java.

I was terribly saddened by the Bistro’s closure. I fell in love with the company while working for Bodywork Bistro, and decided this is my way to honor my heart felt love for the company. I was employed there Nov. 2015-Aug..25, 2019, date of closure.

A majority of my clients receive cupping.

  • For those who are not quite ready for cupping,

  • are looking for something else,

  • and for those who already love my “Blend” massage,

I’ve decided to keep offering it as a “standard” massage option.

Techniques used during the session are; Connective Tissue, Polarity, Reflexology, Tui Na, pin & stretch, flowing Swedish strokes, passive stretching, and a little petrissage all “Blended” together during your session into an delicious integrative massage.

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