How to score a FREE massage!

How to score a FREE massage!

Wow, really, huh…(scratches head)...

What’s the catch?

Yes, there always seems to be a catch, nothing is really for Free.  Or is it?

An energy exchange is just that, an energy exchange.  Now what is decided as an exchange is up to the two or more parties involved.  For this example, there are usually two parties involved; the therapist and the client.

So, really how do you get a free massage? 

  • Well, you could date a massage therapist - right? - just kidding. 

  • You could volunteer for an event involving massage.

  • You could work front desk at a massage establishment and receive massage as a perk. 

  • Your job could offer a benefits package, such as Ozo Coffee in Boulder CO who offers their employees massages from Bodywork Bistro as a wellness package that comes with their job. 

  • You could reach out to your local school and ask what their student clinic rates are.

  • You could barter with your therapist. For example, you could trade a massage for car repairs, a haircut, pet sitting, ect, whatever it is you offer. 

  • Or you could contact your favorite therapist and ask if there are any specials, offers, or birthday discounts.  

Another really great option that I promote, is a win-win for everyone! 

This would be a referral program. What is that? How does that work? Check it out

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