End Chronic Fatigue:

Heal ANY health issue by getting to the ROOT CAUSE, safely, effectively, and inexpensively!


How has Adrenal Fatigue (or any health issue) Affected Your Life?

Has it caused depression or frustration?

Has it impacted you in your profession life/career?

Has it impacted you financially?

Has it dampened time with friends or family?

Has it just been so much pain that you are just downright miserable?


Let me tell ya I was there too, it’s a nightmare.

Since childhood I always had some digestive aches.  It was when I was 28 that things began to get horrible. I could not digest anything without pain. A mysterious pain that would cause me to vomit and have diarrhea at the same time, lose vision, lose leg strength, and pass out was dominating my life. Around the same time fatigue began to get worse and worse for me.  

This affected me greatly.  I would have to go home sick, or call off because the pain would show up out of the blue and I would be incapacitated.  I began to lose friends because I did not have the energy to spend with them. I did not have the energy to go hiking, snowboarding, or go out in the evening to diner...nor could I eat anything.  I was so grumpy from constant pain that who would want to be around me? I was barely getting by, too tired some days to even stand in the shower. Sadly all my savings and fun money was going to medical costs so I could not afford to have fun.

My struggle to find real help:


I first went to my PCP and she ran tests and found nothing, but recommended I spend a few days on the psychiatric ward because according to her I “had too many unexplained health issues” aka hypochondriac.  I went home and began researching what could help. I read a book by a specialist in Atlanta, GA and decided to travel cross country to see him. I dropped over $2,300.00 dollars in one visit. Was sent home with expensive tests and nothing came back with answers. I became more and more depressed, desperate, irritated, frustrated, and began questioning...maybe my PCP was right...maybe this is something a psychiatric drug could fix.  Was it really all in my head? I continued to exhaust all options by deciding to go out of network and pay for a naturopathic doctor. She put me on several different supplements and remedies for digestive pain, liver congestion, and fatigue. I felt like I was on the right track. But the extreme pain came again. This time I had been tracking my experience and noticed after each monthly extreme experience I would get my cycle. Ah-ha! I went to my OBGYN and begged for images. They gave me an exam and then reluctantly sent me for an ultrasound. It was then that it was discovered that I had stage four endometriosis and ovarian cysts. When a cyst would burst it would cause the reaction I was having. I finally had answers to my pain. I was asked to meet with a doctor from the women’s health wing. When I met with him his recommendation was to have a full or partial hysterectomy.  I was not happy with this idea and went home to get more answers.  I learned that acupuncture was a viable option. I decided to continue on the program my naturopathic doctor already had me on and combined it with 2-3 times a week of acupuncture and later TCM tinctures for endometriosis and ovarian cysts. Unfortunately by now half my monthly income was not going to savings but was going to pay for appointments, supplements, tests, abdominal massage, protocols, remedies, acupuncture, tinctures, ultrasounds, gallbladder images, and so much more. I increased my frequency to 4 times a week of acupuncture for another 6 months but was only making a slight improvements. One day I was on my way to the bank and collapsed outside, passed out from exhaustion. I went to see my naturopathic doctor. She ran an adrenal stress test and found my cortisol levels were upside down and low.  This was a dangerous place to be. I quickly made plans to attend a wellness center in San Diego. While there I spent 3 weeks doing an intensive detox and learned all about living foods prep, living foods detox, but nothing new about our bodies systems or digestion that I had not already learned in books from my own research.  I returned to Colorado and returned to work. I followed up with my naturopathic doctor but had to continue taking supplements for my adrenals. Again the fatigue began to increase, and increase to a degree of which I was shaking while standing. Therefore we raised the adrenal support to as much as was possible to take.  I unfortunately had an injury at work and had to have emergency low back surgery. After recovery, I collapsed from exhaustion no more improvement was happening from all the supplements I was taking. I was tanking bad. A friend recommended I come to L.A., California to recover. I did however while there my exhaustion became so terrible that I needed help!  I left L.A. for Palm Desert and sought out another ND. When I spoke to her I discussed all my issues; the endometriosis, ovarian cysts, back surgery, digestive problems, and this unrelenting fatigue.  She mentioned a man named Dr. Wilson. I did a google search and found Dr. Lawrence Wilson who knew how to treat chronic fatigue.


A light at the end of the tunnel:

With in the first 2 weeks on the program I was back to eating anything I wanted without any pain.  I kid you not. I had had digestive pains since I was 2. This encouraged me more to follow the program to a T. In the first few months on the program, I noticed significant decrease in pain before my cycle. Curious I requested an ultrasound from my ND. I had it done at my 3 month mark of being on the program. There was no sign of a single cyst, the endometriosis tissue also was not showing up. My own body was clearing it out!  I regained my energy enough to hold down a job from part-time to full time, moved back to Colorado, took on new jobs, went hiking with my friends, took up road biking, and rollerblading, and now hold down four jobs and go out with friends in the evenings as well.  I sleep wonderfully. I have completely recovered. I have immense amount of joy every day. What took years and I mean years from 2006-2014 of searching, thousands of dollars spent on doctors, specialists, tests, and remedies is now healed.  After 2014, starting of the Nutritional Balancing program, my only expenses have been to refill my supplements and retest my hair every 6 months.  I am saving thousands of dollars every year, I am saving countless hours of research, I am free of frustration, irritation, and finally free of intense pain and exhaustion.

All of my health issues cleared up on this one program!


I have been so happy.

The amount of energy and focus I have now compared to my struggle convinced me to decided to train in Nutritional Balancing myself.

Everyone should be able to; feel the constant joy I have, sleep with the restfulness I experience, focus with precision, be pain free, and save their dollars for enjoying life vs going around in a health maze.

Since graduation in 2017 I have been; reading Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis tests, coaching clients back to wellness, and happy that all of my clients have had successful results.


What is included:

  • A personal one on one consultation with me, where I will properly sample your hair. I will send out your hair sample priority mail. Lab costs and shipping fees included.  

  • I will analyse your lab results when they have been completed.  I will assign you a unique diet to match what is needed to balance your ratios.  I will also assign to you a supplement program that is unique to your results to balance your ratios. Lastly I will instruct you on suggested detox protocols.

  • You will receive another one on one consultation, where I will go over your results and the recommended diet, supplements and detox protocols. You’ll receive an email copy for your records of your lab results, as well as a copy of your recommended diet, supplement regimen, and detox protocols.

  • You will receive yet another consultation to follow up after you have been on the program completely for two weeks.  This consultation is to answer any questions, and make sure you are following the program properly.

  • You will have me available at anytime to ask questions, discuss any difficulties, or just check in via phone or email.

  • All of the work of lab testing, shipping, diet choice, supplement choice, lifestyle and detox protocol suggestions is given to you. There is no work on your part except to follow recommended program.


Read through some testimonials:

Autism Reversed:

John, age 8, began a nutritional balancing program due to a diagnosis of autism. His main symptoms were withdrawal, poor speech, trouble with toilet training, and overall developmental delay. The symptoms began shortly after a vaccination at age 2. John had visited many doctors, including two certified DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctors, with little improvement. John’s first hair test showed a four lows pattern, indicating significant nutritional impairment and exhaustion. This pattern cleared out after about six months on the program. Real improvement occurred after about 1.5 years on the program. It has now been 2 years on the program. Many toxic metals are being eliminated, and John’s symptoms are all improved. He completed toilet training, his development is catching up to his peers, speech is much better, as is his ability to concentrate and do tasks.
— Mrs. T. Fisher, USA

Thyroid Recovering After RAI (Radioactive Iodine Treatment):

When I was 19, I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease. The doctors gave me radioactive iodine to destroy the thyroid gland (RAI). This left me with a hypothyroid condition. I have had to take thyroid hormones ever since (for 20 years). I have tried many therapies and doctors to see if I can heal my thyroid gland, and nothing worked until now. I began following a nutritional balancing program 2 years and 3 months ago. I want to pass on some surprising news. I was recently on the phone with our hospital to get a post-surgical x-ray report sent to my doctor. I noticed they also had my recent thyroid lab test, but had not called me about it yet. I asked if my physician had reviewed the thyroid lab test. She had, but had just not had time to call me to let me know. My hypothyroidism is improving! She decreased the Armour thyroid medication from 150 mg to 105mg. That is awesome news! Incidentally, on my most recent hair mineral test, the calcium shell came down and I am “coming alive”. Thank you so much.
— J.M. USA

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Adrenal Exhaustion:

I am a 36-year-old woman who has been through chronic fatigue syndrome/adrenal exhaustion issues since I was 17. Through most of those years, I tried every kind of Western and Eastern medicine imaginable, and I never experienced much change. Once I began the nutritional balancing program/healing process, I began to make amazing strides in the right direction toward an exponential increase in my energy. My initial hair test showed a “bowl pattern” (a high Ca/Mg ratio along with a low Na/K ratio) which comes with a feeling of being stuck or trapped in your life, and I very much did at that time. The next hair mineral test showed that I had “climbed out of the bowl” so to speak, and that is when some big changes began to happen in many areas of my life. The low Na/K ratio of my initial test also indicated a lot of chronic, low-grade infections in my system. Continued hair testing has shown this has been getting better. I still have healing to do as I continue a careful diet along with supplements, but I have come a very, very long way since I started this program. Amazingly, as my body has rid itself of toxic metals I have accumulated from my environment, I have felt that there have been many less toxic people/situations in my life. As my body has become more full of the vital nutrients I was lacking for most of my life, I have become more fully myself and have been truer to my life’s calling. I wish every person in the world could go through this program as there would be so much less anxiety, depression, and anger in each of us...instead, there would be so much more hope, peace, and clarity.
— C.K. USA

Diabetes, Type 1:

Quinn, age 11, had type 1 diabetes for 6 years, with only worsening need for insulin shots. After being on the program for about 1 year, his insulin requirement has been cut by more than one half, and he is growing much better, as well. His mood and his energy level are also much better. He also has much better color of his skin.
— N.A. USA

Suicidal Thoughts and Anxiety Better:

I have been on the nutritional balancing program for about two years. I have gone through some significant dumps in calcium (this was the biggest), potassium, nickel, lead, and aluminum. I have noticed an improvement in intractable anxiety and suicidal thinking, along with better posture (that’s the lead). This program is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful healing modalities out there. The issue with it is that it takes patience and some faith, as healing reactions can test a person’s faith in it. I have been through some rough ones myself. However, each time you get through them, you trust even more in the program, as your baseline energy continues to rise. I used to be the most skeptical person you would ever meet, as it related to the program. I wanted hard and fast proof of mechanisms of action from peer-reviewed journals that my healing reactions were actually what they were. That isn’t likely to occur anytime in the near future, so just realize that you will be the evidence. Your improvement and getting through the trying times will be more powerful than anything anyone else can tell you.
— C.J.E. USA