My Referral Program:

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How it works…

Let’s say you refer a friend of yours to me.  Let’s call this friend Jane. Jane then reaches out to me to book an appointment and lets me know she was referred by you. 

Once we (Jane and I) schedule an appointment (for her), I will send you a text message to notify you “Thank you for the referral Jane Doe has booked an appointment with me,...”

After the session has been completed you will receive an email from me stating “Congratulations, you have earned $20 towards your next massage”. 

You may use your reward dollars towards your next massage at any time. You may also let your reward dollars build up, and use them to receive a Full Session Free of Charge.  For example, if you refer 3 people to me you will have earned a $60 (3x $20) credit and may now receive a FREE MASSAGE for your referrals!   

Yup, it’s that simple!

I like to keep my prices simple and my referral program just the same, simple.

Take full advantage of this program for your health and happiness!

If you have any questions about My Referral Program feel free to reach out:

by phone: 720.597.0573, or email:

Cheers to Your Health!

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